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We can, therefore, create effective patent protection for practically any invention, with a particular focus on the developing technologies that are of important commercial significance to leading edge companies and institutions, including biotechnology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, software, semiconductors, chemical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Use of Patent Elements by Third Parties

The right holder of a patent is entitled to prevent third parties, from handing over to persons unauthorized to work the patented invention, elements and means related to an essential part of the invention, subject matter of the patent, and rendering possible the implementation of the patented invention. In order that this provision may apply, the concerned third parties have to know, that such elements and means are sufficient for putting the invention to use and that they know, that they will be used to such effect or that the circumstances render such situation sufficiently evident.

The following acts shall remain outside the scope of rights conferred by a patent

a.) Acts devoid of any industrial or commercial purpose and limited to private ends / aims;

b.) Acts involving, for experimental purposes, the invention, subject matter of a patent;

c.) Extemporaneous preparations of medicines in pharmacies involving no mass production and carried out solely in making up a prescription and acts related to the medicines thus prepared;

d.) Use of patented invention in the manufacture or operation of ships or spaceships or airplanes or land transportation vehicles of countries signatory of the Paris Convention or for satisfying the needs of these, provided that said vehicles happen to be, temporarily or accidentally, within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey;

e.) Where acts provided under Article 27 of the International Convention for Civil Aviation dated December 7, 1944 are related to an aircraft of a State, the provisions of this present Article shall apply likewise to said aircrafts.

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