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What is Copyright

Copyright protects creative or artistic works. You should only copy or use a copyrighted work with the copyright owner's permission. You can copyright:

  • literature, including novels, instruction manuals, computer programs, song lyrics, newspaper articles and some types of database,
  • drama, including dance or mime,
  • music,
  • art, including paintings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, collages, architecture, technical drawings, diagrams, maps and logos,
  • layouts used to publish a work, for a book,
  • recordings of a work, including sound and film,
  • broadcasts of a work.

A copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to creators on their literary and artistic works. ALCAN prepares and files copyright registration applications for its clients, ranging from simple music and literary works to sophisticated computer software technology. The firm also assists its clients in copyright matters, such as copyright litigation, acquisition, and licensing agreements.

We offer complete copyright services, including:

    • copyright registrations
    • copyright ability opinions
    • copyright infringement evaluations
    • licensing & other copyright services

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is a legal formality intended to make a public record of the basic facts of a particular copyright. However, registration is not a condition of copyright protection. Even though registration is not a requirement for protection, the copyright law provides several inducements or advantages to encourage copyright owners to make registration.

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